Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long time no blog

Ok it is a long time b4 i updated my blog

so b4 jun start going on with i start a blog and never update

i will update it

last wk me and my dear went to Cirque du Soleil

In case of anyone who reads this and wonder wat is it

It is a world famous circus
here are some pics

This is the tent outside... didnt take any pics inside coz we are not allowed to

then here is us at the shopping area mucking ard

The circus is not bad... but not as good as expected

i reckon the one i see in tw is much much beta

Then Yesterday night i went fishing with Jun, Wei Tan, Cheah Yan and my bro

Jun said he dun wanna fish and only want to take pics

but he did fish at the end hahahaha

in fact... most of our fish are caught by jun

as for the others... we have a puffer fish spree

we caught total of 30+ puffer fish that night... where i got more than half of them= =

i then caught this super big fish which looks weird but apparently very nice to eat
heres a pic

My bro and Wei Yue on the other hand caught only pufferfish...

but then Weiyue caught something that is the most expensive thing we ever fished

heres the picture and guess what he fished up:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas gift

Me and my dear gave each other one of this^^

its a klediscope necklace~~~ this is wat it looks like from inside

it distorts the view that it sees into a klediscope type

very cool and very nice~~ like it v much

a production from m+y steel

Sunday, November 16, 2008

興趣 專長

雖然我反駁了...可是現在仔細想想..他說的也很對= =

可是我這種三分鐘熱度的人.. 當然是幾個禮拜後就膩了
當然還有我常常澳洲台灣兩邊跑... 所以都維持不長


Jun玩相機可以玩一整天... 有目標... 也會去學拍照的技術等等的
Charles 雖然每天在家沒事 可是也是武術專家 常常去BJJ跟打跆拳
ZY 天玩吉他都不會膩 不關啥吉他的事都可以找他

唉 真想找個興趣

好不容易有個興趣: 養狗

唉 無聊日子要怎過...
看來我要來的尋找自我之旅= =

Baybee going..

A few days ago, dear told me that the owner dislike baybee in the house and want them to get rid of it in 2 weeks..

Then we started to find if anyone want to keep him

Today, dear's manager say they are able to keep him and will be taking him on tuesday afternoon..

After tuesday, I will not be baybee's daddy anymore...

I am very sad... but what can I do?

My house cannot keep him also so the best thing now is to wish his new family will treat him nice..

I like baybee very much, he is very smart and a very good boy
He will always act cute to let him get attention
he likes to stick around me and dear and will always stick to us where ever he go
I like baybee to be around...

just then dear called me and tell me today baybee refuse to go to sleep and cried when she went to hug him...
I think he knows he is leaving too.. so thats why he is sad
he doesnt want to leave, and we dun want him to leave too
but he must leave...

he is like me and dear's son already... we love him very much and treat him very good.

Sometimes we find him very annoying, but without him we will feel empty.
we always think of him and think what is best for him

We will miss you baybee....

Friday, October 17, 2008



yesterday i was so sick that i dun feel like doing anything...

however.. i have a presentation today... so i forced myself do something abt it after my fever subsided...

the porridge my dear cook is very nice, thx dear dear^^

but i finished it before remembering to take a picture...

today the presentation went well... thankfully

but after the presentation is when the problem began

after i ate the porridge for lunch i started coughing..

and not just like cough every once in a while

its like coughing non-stop...

i tried force myself from coughing... but ended up vomiting instead....

so i decided that i wont force it since coughing feels much much better than vomiting...

it reached till a stat that i couldn't take it nemore so i went to buy some medicines

these are the medicines i bought...

the cough syrup... tastes DISGUSTING!!!!!! and it doesnt make me any beta....

quite regretted buying that...

the other 2 are fine

sigh.. wish i get well soon

Sunday, October 12, 2008


When u have a dog with u for a month.. u kinda get attached to it

i have given baybee bak to peggy after she moved house and he seems quite happy there

i'm happy for him too

its just time like this..

like this lonely sunday night when no one is home

let me feel that i would be good if i still have him with me

yes it is real trouble at times, where i have to watch his pee and poo, clean up and take care of him

but times like this i like to have him accompany me

when i watch tv myself i like him watching tv with me on my laps

when i do assignments i like him sleeping under my foot

but he is quite naughty sometimes...

he likes attention and gets grumpy easily

peggy asked me today if i want to take him for the nite
i say no coz the trouble is much more than the joy


but its really nice having someone ard that u can always be with and will always be at home with u

baybee sleeping under my chair when i'm typing up assignments

this is him sleeping in another pose

this is him getting excited
haha good times~